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Hi I'm CrazyEmily

Last update: Aug 06, 2022


My description is : I can be mean as fuck, sweet as candy, cold as ice, firey as a volcano and evil as hell. It all depends on you. If I put my mind to something I will stop at nothing to achieve. But if you manage to get on my good side and make me feel comfortable around you, you will be the luckiest man on earth because nothing can match my passion and sensuality.

I like: I like to laugh, laughter is one of the best things in life besides sex, and I also like sex... but the sex I like is as if 2 tornadoes colide and wreck everything in their path... try and imagine that. I like to sing but I suck at singing, so I try to dance more. Mostly I like to travel meet new people and explore new places. Born to late to explore the new world and too early to explore space!

I don't like: I hate excuses, tell me the truth and we can both move on, I dislike persons that shift the blame or try to excuse themselves in any way they can just so they don't have to take responsability. We are all human, we make mistakes but we have to own them and be better everyday.










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